Eye of Horus Ritual Incense Blend Prosperity Oil - 1/2 oz Pure Essential Oil Blend Dragon's Blood Oil - Magickal Oil - Conjure Hoodoo Oil 1/2 oz bottle 7 Scent Sampler Natural Wood Incense Brick / Cone
Rose Fragrance Oil - Magickal Oil - Conjure Hoodoo Oil 1/2 oz bottle Liquid Smudge in Spray: Sage, Palo Santo & Cedar Shadowscapes Tarot Set New Moon Oil 1/2 oz Essential Oil Blend
Reiki Oil Patchouli Essential Oil - Pogostemon cablin - 10mL | Aromatherapy Oils at shop.EyeofHorus.biz Thoth Tarot Deck (Small) Deck by Aleister Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris XIII Tarot Deck by Nekro
Our mission is to provide the books and sacred items for all alternative religious studies; Asatru, Buddhist, Christian Mystic, Druid, Hindu, Muslim, Pagan, Shinto, Taoism, Voudon, Wicca, etc. We honor all sources of wisdom and respect all Paths to Spirit; rooted, as we are, in Earth-Based Spirituality, with staff reflecting a variety of paths and traditions.