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Beyond the Veil

The mythic and faerie art of Beth Hansen-Buth is like a travel album featuring the denizens of the Otherworld.  Faeries and Dragons, Gods, Goddesses and Spirits; you never know just who (or what) you may meet. An inspiration painter of faery and myth, she has emerged as one of today's premier visionary artists. Working out of her studio in her 96 year old bungalow in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Beth's work is increasingly sought out by collectors of visionary art from all over the world.

Featured in FATE Magazine as the Painter to the Faery Court, Beth's visionary work has been published in Pentacle Magazine, Seventh House Publishing's "Season's of the Witch" calendars in 2003 and 2004, and she has done numerous illustrations for "Tales of the Unanticipated", a speculative fiction small press publication.
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Summer Oak - 11" x 13.8" print Queen of Annwyn - 11" x 13.8" print Lilith the Goddess - 11" x 14.5" print
The spirit of the oak tree in the season of his strength, this handsome dryad is emerging from his tree. Inspired by myths of dryads and the green man, the original painting was created in oils on canvas. The Queen of Annwyn is mystically beautiful and serene as she sits perched in an old oak tree. The land of Annwyn is associated with both death and faery, and she is queen of both. In her hair are leaves, blossoms, and berries of Belladonna—also known as deadly nightshade. Lilith is the primordial goddess of feminine magick. There are numerous tales about her in Middle Eastern Mythology, where she has both good (according to those who worshipped her) and bad (according to Jewish Mythology) roles.
Eurus Blue Dragon - 11" x 13.8" print Blue Moon Faery - 10.7" x 16" print
Eurus is the dragon of the east wind. The time is dawn, the season is spring. When the east wind blows it brings with it new beginnings, a new life. This is a limited edition of 500 prints, any size, when all are sold the image will be retired. Perched upon the head of a rather surprised owl, the Blue Moon Faery comes to teach us about how rare and beautiful wisdom is. Inspired by the Blue Moon. Created in pencil and pastel by master fantasist Beth Hansen-Buth.
ARTIST STATEMENT: “Nothing inspires me more than time spent in nature. Feeling the wind in my hair and listening to the leaves rustling in the trees makes me long for my walking stick, and off I go on another journey of wonder and delight. There, I commune with the spirits of nature, great and small. When I get back to my studio, the themes that present themselves in my work are those of transformation and ethereal boundaries. Otherworldly characters such as faeries, mermaids, fauns, gods, goddesses and dryads cross over into our world, opening up new possibilities of thought and influence. I find additional insights from my studies of mythology and faery lore, and they find their way into my paintings enriching each with story."