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Classes, Workshops and Events at Eye of Horus Metaphysical in Minneapolis

In Minnesota? Looking for classes on Auras, Dreaming, Psychic Development, Reiki Healing, Runes, Tarot? Looking for a safe place to learn from well-qualified instructors? Eye of Horus is the place! We also have a number of discussion groups, circles, and meetups. Bookmark Us: This page is updated frequently with new classes and events.

Advanced Tarot Class with Chuck Kausalik-Boe M.A. Advanced Tarot - the Court Cards with Chuck Kausalik-Boe M.A.

June 4th (Saturday 11:30 am - 1:30 pm)
An intensive discussion and tutoring session with Tarot Master Chuck Kausalik-Boe. There will be a special focus on the complexities and possibilities of the Tarot Court Cards. Be sure to bring your questions and comments!

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Living Astrology Chart Clinic - 1st Tuesday of the Month Living Astrology Chart Clinic - 1st Tuesday of the Month

April 5th (Tuesday) 7-9:00pm
The best way to learn astrology is to talk in this language and look at living examples. Bring your chart (or birth data, we can get you a full color chart for $5), and your questions, cases, or examples you’d like to share, or just come and listen. This is a great way to learn, refine your skills, or enjoy the company of astrologers.

All are Welcome

Twin Cities Tarot Meetup - 4th Wednesday of the Month Twin Cities Tarot Meetup - 4th Wednesday of the Month

April 27th (Wednesday) 7-8:30pm Calling all Tarot enthusiasts! Come to Eye of Horus on the 4th Wednesday of each month. This is a gathering designed to appeal to all levels of knowledge & skill.

All are Welcome

Reiki II Certification - Learn Advanced & Distance Healing with Jane Hawkner Reiki II Class - Advanced & Distance Healing with Chuck Kausalik-Boe, Reiki Master

April 30th (Saturday) 11:30am-5:30pm

The Usui Reiki Second Degree Class (or Reiki Level II Class) will expand your understanding, and your Reiki abilities. Learn Healing Symbols. Become certified to give Reiki treatments to others professionally. Uncover the mysteries of Distance Healing. Learn to work with Reiki to intuitively hear and receive inner guidance and heighten your spirituality and more!

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Introduction to Druidry Introduction to Druidry

May 2nd (Monday) 7-8:30 pm
Druidry is a spiritual path centered on harmony and reverence of nature. Hosted by the Mists of Stone Forest Grove, this class is a crash course on what Druidry is, the history of Druidry, the practices of modern Druids, and much more. Come join us for an evening of fun, learning, and community. All ages welcome!

Tarot Progressions Course - Intermediate Tarot in 3 Sessions with Chuck Kausalik-Boe M.A. Tarot Progressions: Intermediate Tarot - 3 Sessions w/ Chuck Kausalik-Boe M.A.

May 7th, 14th, and 21st (Saturdays) 11:30 am - 1 pm
This is the course which really blends knowledge of the Tarot with learning to use your intuition, and the practice you need to bring it all together in a positive and fun atmosphere. You'll get a deeper knowledge of the suites and lots of practice reading for others. Develop the tools and learn techniques to help you divine the meanings in the cards as well as unlocking your intuition.

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Psychic Discovery Workshop with Melissa Divine Psychic Discovery Workshop with Melissa Divine

May 28th (Saturday) 2-5 pm
Discover your innate psychic and intuitive abilities! This fun, hands-on introductory workshop with psychic and medium Melissa Divine will introduce you to psychic connection, help you recognize your psychic style, and teach you to tune in and trust. We will also discuss the challenges, hardships, and ethics of the developing psychic. This is a safe and supportive environment to indulge your curiosity and take your psychic development to the next level. No experience necessary!


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Workshops may be canceled if there are fewer than four confirmed participants.
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