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Remote Readings with Beth Hansen (Tarot)

Beth Hansen Remote Readings

Choose either a phone or email reading using the drop down menu below. We have many different sizes available depending on how many questions you might have. Please allow 2-7 days for the results of an email reading.

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We'll let Beth tell her story in her own way...

As an identical twin born under the sign of Gemini (sun and moon), I was introduced to the mystic arts at a very young age by my mother. She taught my sister and I deep relaxation techniques at the age of five to test whether we could communicate with each other telepathically. She also quizzed us with Zenner cards, so I grew up knowing I had ESP.

In my 20ís I became curious about Tarot cards, when I received my first reading from a friend. I ended up going to the library to check out books to learn more, and then I bought my first deck to practice the Tarot with. Soon I started giving readings to co-workers on breaks, and one insisted on paying me. So thatís how I became a professional intuitive!

As an artist myself, I love reading the tarot for clients, telling their story with the illustrations. Iíve been working with the Tarot for 25 years and with the Faeriesí Oracle deck by Brian Froud for nearly twenty years also. Each have their own take on things, and I often call on the other deck to clarify a reading if my client has further questions.

Every reading is a guide to creating your path, bringing together the past and the future into the present moment. The cards are the key to unlock your personal story, and as a reader I take that very seriously. Itís my job to make sure the story that the cards tell is told is the true one. My purpose as a reader is to help my clients make the best decisions for a healthy and happy life.

For myself, I keep on track by practicing daily meditations, yoga, and I became a Reiki Master Teacher in January of 2008. This training and practice has deepened my work as an intuitive reader in the following ways. First, I became aware of the flow of energy between the cards. This lets me know when there is something more to be revealed. Secondly, I began working with my personal guardians and guides, and they are present at each reading and help me to stay focused on the clientís immediate need.

About Reiki:
Reiki is a safe, gentle and amazingly effective hands-on relaxation technique that promotes healing. It is a way of magnifying the healing energy of the hands. Reiki works to compliment traditional medical care by using the same kind of non-physical ďkiĒ energy martial artists use to nourish the bodyís health and vitality.

While Reiki is a hands-on modality, it also can be offered at a distance. Iíve done Reiki sessions with clients in another town, and as far away as Australia! When I practice Reiki for a client at a distance, I use a pillow as a stand-in, and always connect via phone or email just before and just after the session. Reiki is not limited by time and space, as it is a vibration of the Universe itself.

About your Phone Reading
Each individual reader sets their own times for readings, and these may vary from day to day. When you sign up for your phone reading, you'll be contacted over e-mail or phone to set up a time for the reader to call you. Because each reader controls their own schedule, we cannot guarantee specific times, but we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

About your Email Reading
The great thing about Email readings is they don't have to be scheduled. You can request an Email reading at any time and our readers will get back to you as soon as they can. You will get a text report, from a few sentences, for a snap reading, to a few paragraphs to a deep reading. You might have to wait up to a week, or longer if the reader gets backed up with requests. We will keep you updated if there are any time issues, for sure! If you have a strict deadline, please let us know in the comments when you place your order!

Please note:
You are paying the reader for a report. They may not give you the answer you want, because the cards and the readers intuition might say something different. Similarly to a weather report, other forces can change the outcome of a situation, especially over time. We do free will readings, so you know you have the power to take actions and influence your future yourself. In some areas, laws require us to note that readings are strictly for entertainment purposes.

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