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Wanna rock your world? Try a three candle Blessing Kit and experience some wonderous magic. You might ask, "What is it that makes them so effective?"

Each triad combination creates those bursts of energy we need to create the life we desire. The hand-poured care Coventry Creations puts into each candle adds that much more charge toward creating that life.

Getting right to the point, these triads fine tune the energies of the Blessed Herbal Candles to a powerful accuracy.
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Witches Union Wooden Matches - box of 50-60 matches 3 7/8" long
Witches Union Wooden Matches - box of 50 plus 3 7/8" wooden matches
List Price: $9.00
Witches Union Member Price $7.95
You save $1.05!
Candle magic needs flame. These official Witches Union Spell Caster Club matches are perfect, with over 50 matches in each box (there were 58 in our tester box). These wooden matches are 3 7/8" long, so you can light multiple candles with a single match.
Discovering each new combination is like a small moment of personal enlightenment.  Each herbal blessing candle kit contains a 3 Pack of 1.5" x 2", 10 Hour Votives, and a printed blessing.

Never leave a burning candle unattended.