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Bo Jacisin Email Tarot Readings

With nearly a decade of experience, Bo is well versed in the mysteries of the Tarot. His favorite decks are the Sun & Moon Tarot, the Fountain Tarot and the Thoth. Bo looks at readings like he is deciphering a map. His goal is to help people navigate both what is seen and what is unseen. A Tarot Reading should clarify the terrain and obstacles on your current path, offer alternate routes, and reveal what resources you need for the road ahead. But there is more to it than figuring out the terrain. You need to be ready to adapt to the current situation, and imminent events. The cards reveal the influence of these forces on your path and how you can take advantage of prevailing winds to help you reach your goals.

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Bo Jacisin Email Reading Snap Email Tarot Reading with Bo Jacisin

Do you have a quick yes/no or either/or question? Do you need a little bit of clarification? For a quick reading and a short single paragraph report, the Snap reading is perfect. 1-2 cards, 1 short paragraph report.

Email Tarot Reading $20.00
Bo Jacisin Deep Email Reading Core Email Tarot Reading with Bo Jacisin

You've been wondering if you should get a reading, because your question needs a complete answer, or your situation needs some clarity. A core reading can get you direction or a better perspective. The reader draws 3-6 cards. One Question answered. 2-3 paragraph Report

Email Tarot Reading $45.00
Bo Jacisin Complex Email Reading Complex Email Tarot Reading with Bo Jacisin

You have a Complex Situation or a Branched Question which could take you in more than one or two directions. Or maybe you just want more detail on a simple question or situation. Get an in depth report, 3-6 paragraphs from a 5-9 card reading.

Email Tarot Reading $85.00
Bo Jacisin Deep Email Reading Deep Email Tarot Reading with Bo Jacisin

Explore all the opportunities for you in general topics such as love or career or life path. Or you can get into multiple subjects, situations & choices. 5+ Paragraph report from a full spread card reading of 8 or more cards. Allow a little extra time for a deep Email reading.

Email Tarot Reading $120.00