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The Three Principles of Oneness Book The Three Principles of Oneness by Anthony Stultz

by Anthony Stultz. Learn how to experience harmony in all areas of life with the Three Principles of Oneness, a scientifically sound, cosmic perspective on spirituality in the 21st century. Awaken to an evidence-based scientific and spiritual path through practical techniques and processes introduced by an ordained Buddhist minister and internationally recognized mindfulness expert.

The Empath and the Dark Road Book The Empath and the Dark Road by Bety Comerford & Steve Wilson

by Bety Comerford and Steve Wilson. Embark upon an empathic journey that teaches you that darkness is but an absence of light. Who’s light? Your light. Learn that you are in control of your emotional experiences. Begin to understand what it means to be an empath who chooses to live a life devoid of drama and free from the projected emotional pain from others.

The Healthy Witch Book The Healthy Witch by TJ Perkins

by TJ Perkins. This holistic witchy workbook combines medical knowledge with magikal healing to put you where you need to be to get the most out of your life. Learn to personalize your healing needs by fusing skills in magik and nutrition, conducting rituals, and employing specialized spells.

Chinese Astrology Book Chinese Astrology by Man-Ho Kwok & Martin Palmer

by Man-Ho Kwak and Martin Palmer. How does your Chinese zodiac sign influence your life? How does your lunar date of birth affect your fortune? Find out the answers to these questions and more, in this easy-to-follow guide to the fascinating ancient art of Chinese astrology.

Your Cosmic Compass Book Your Cosmic Compass by Emily Klintworth

by Emily Klintworth. Enjoy this fun and uplifting spiritual guidebook that provides exclusive access to cosmic conditions that surround one specific year of your life from birthdate to birthdate. Discover the dynamic themes, challenges, and opportunities that await you at your Solar Return (birthdate), and gain valuable insights, meditations, mantras, and advice.

The Muse In You Book The Muse In You by Lynn Newman

by Lynn Newman. Through personal stories, exercises, meditations, and inspired questions, learn to create a life on purpose by transcending conflict to find peace and happiness, unleashing the truest parts of yourself to experience more passion and ease, enjoying more fulfilling relationships, and following curiosity to jumpstart your creative journey.

The Little Work Book The Little Work by Durgadas Allon Duriel

by Durgadas Allon Duriel. Discover how to engage with the urban landscape around you and harness the boundless possibilities for a thriving magical practice. Urban Magick shows you how to connect with your city's diverse ecosystem and channel the powerful energy running through it.

The Magic of Marie Laveau The Magic of Marie Laveau by Denise Alvarado

Marie Laveau may be the most influential American practitioner of the magical arts; certainly, she is among the most famous. She is the subject of songs, films, and legends and the star of New Orleans ghost tours. Her grave in New Orleans ranks among the most popular spiritual pilgrimages in the US.

Paperback $16.95
Psychic Witch by Mat Auryn Psychic Witch by Mat Auryn

Popular writer and witch Mat Auryn reveals his most closely guarded tips, practices, and meditations for unlocking your psychic abilities and elevating your witchcraft into exciting new territory. Featuring over ninety exercises, this groundbreaking book helps your magick and your senses reach their full potential.

Paperback $18.99
Modern Witch by Devin Hunter Modern Witch by Devin Hunter

Discover an authentic collection of spells, recipes, charms, and correspondences that have been used and refined by the author for nearly twenty years. Combined with the author's original photographs and art, these teachings illuminate the five most popular types of magical entreaties: love, healing, protection, prosperity, and divination. Modern Witch also reveals a treasure trove of tips and techniques for working with magical materials, systems, and spirits.

Paperback $24.99
Astrology for Beginners by David Pond Astrology for Beginners by David Pond

Concise and direct, this easy-to-use guide provides everything needed to uncover the secrets of your birth chart and reveal amazing insights about your true nature. You'll gain an incredibly expanded understanding of yourself—and others—with this book's extensive information and examples. Professional astrologer David Pond introduces you to the most important topics of astrology, including the zodiac signs, planets, houses, aspects, and more.

Paperback $16.99
Wild Magical Soul by Monica Crosson Wild Magical Soul by Monica Crosson

Weave natural magic into your life and explore the threshold of the otherworld with rituals, crafts, and transformative folklore. Within these pages, you will discover how to connect to the energy where you live and develop your skills as a healer, storyteller, and advocate for the earth.

Paperback $17.99
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