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Cassandra Snow Email or Phone Tarot Readings

Cassandra Snow Tarot Reader

"Whether you're looking for your next steps in your love life, career, spiritual path, or personal identity, tarot can help you find immediate peace and walk the full, lush path you're meant to walk. I don't believe our future is set in stone, but I do believe there are energies, people, and events we are fated to cross paths with, and my readings help you use these to create your best life. I believe with all my heart that tarot is best used as a tool for empowerment. My readings are frank but compassionate, as I seek to give you all the information you need (including bad news sometimes) to make your decisions or next steps. My cards zero in on what that information means for you and how you can reach your goals, your joy, and your power by using the surrounding events and energies to your advantage." ~Cassandra Snow (view all available)
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Cassandra Snow Email Reading Deep Email Tarot Reading with Cassandra

Explore all the opportunities for you in general topics such as love or career or life path. Or you can get into multiple subjects, situations & choices. 5+ Paragraph report from a full spread card reading of 8 or more cards. Allow a little extra time for a deep Email reading.

Email Tarot Reading $120.00
Cassandra Snow Email Reading Complex Email Tarot Reading with Cassandra

You have a Complex Situation or a Branched Question which could take you in more than one or two directions. Or maybe you just want more detail on a simple question or situation. Get an in depth report, 3-6 paragraphs from a 5-9 card reading.

Email Tarot Reading $85.00
Cassandra Snow Email Reading Core Email Tarot Reading with Cassandra

You've been wondering if you should get a reading, because your question needs a complete answer, or your situation needs some clarity. A core reading can get you direction or a better perspective. The reader draws 3-6 cards. One Question answered. 2-3 paragraph Report

Email Tarot Reading $45.00
Cassandra Snow Email Reading Snap Email Tarot Reading with Cassandra

Do you have a quick yes/no or either/or question? Do you need a little bit of clarification? For a quick reading and a short single paragraph report, the Snap reading is perfect. 1-2 cards, 1 short paragraph report.

Email Tarot Reading $20.00
About Cassandra: She started predicting future outcomes and making eerie insights at a young age, and finally picked up and started channeling this ability through tarot over a decade ago. Her psychic style and influences are eclectic, and she works with a variety of decks.

Cassandra is a queer reader, which is so much different from just being a reader who is queer. She takes identity very seriously when it comes to interpreting the cards and helping you manifest your best life. She recognizes the unique stumbling blocks in your way, as well as the unique joy in overcoming them. All faiths are welcome at this tarot table as well, and clients range from Lutheran pastors to eclectic Pagans to staunch atheists. Whether queer themselves or not, clients love Cassandra's individualized and eclectic approach to this ancient style of "fortune telling."