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Nordic Cross for Purity and Spirituality Scanda Cross for Love and Harmony Rosycroix, Youthfulness & Immortality

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Product Code: STL-TVP05

The Vikings readily accepted Christ into their own pantheon of gods and the cross became a recognized symbol. The crossle has a single cross on each arm, transforming the usual equal armed design into five crosses, empowering and augmenting its beauty.  For Purity and Spirituality.
Made of pewter and provided with a chain. Approximate size: ¾" x 1"

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Product Code: STL-TVP08

Christianity won Viking converts when missionaries of the Church destroyed their pagan temples and yet suffered no divine retribution from the old gods. Vikings traveled through Christian strongholds and their craftsmen embraced the cross, bringing northern artistry to Christian symbolism.  For Love and Harmony.
Made of pewter and provided with a chain. Approximate size: ⅞" x 1"

In the Enchanted Garden, Rosycroix blooms everlasting, each bud and thorn perfection, and promising youthfulness and immortality.
Produced in pewter, enhanced with Swarovski crystals and/or gold and provided with a chain.
Celtic Cross Charm for Health, Courage, & Protection Wolf Cross for Vitality and Success Runic Celtic Cross Pendant for Knowledge and Magical Ability

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Product Code: STL-SCD89

Derived from a unification of Christian and Pagan symbolism, this Cross is worn for Good Health, Courage and ward off Bad Influences. 
Made of brass and copper. Approximate size: 1½" x 2".

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Product Code: STL-TVP14

This recreation of a famous Icelandic pendant worn by Christian and pagan Vikings alike, the cross and Thor's hammer coming together in an open cross within the cross, celebrates the life force of the sun. The wolf's head marks respect for animal cunning.  For Vitality and Success.
Made of pewter and provided with a chain. Approximate size: ⅞" x 1½"

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Product Code: STL-NLCC03

Knowledge and Magical Ability.
Crafted in pewter, accented with gold and provided with a chain.  Approximately 1½" in diameter.

Celtic Cross Heart Pendant for True & Happy Friendship Celtic Pentcross, Protection Queen Guinevere's Cross for True Love

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Product Code: STL-NLMA01

The ancient symbol of love and affection ornaments a traditional cross design representing the four seasons of the Celtic year and is worn to attract true and happy friendship.
Produced in pewter, accented with Swarovski crystals, and supplied with chain.  Approximate size: 1" x 1"

A powerful synthesis of Christian and Pagan symbols interwoven around the everlasting Celtic Knot of Life, forming a powerful magickal amulet for Protection. Handed down from Leodegrance to his daughter Guinevere on the occasion of her marriage to King Arthur and then given as a secret token of her love to her champion Lancelot, this unusual cross is reputed to enable its wearer to find and embrace True Love.
Zagan Cross, Transformation Celtic Cross Pendant for Inspiration and Intuition   Goetia Cross, Intuition
Based on the Sigil of Zagan from the Goetia of Solomon, this Cross is reputed to make the wearer witty and bestow upon him or her the power to turn wine into water, metal into coins, and even make fools wise. For Transformation.

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Product Code: STL-NLMD18

The circle symbolizes the Kingdoms of the Earth and Spirit, while the Cross represents the dominion of God. For Inspiration and Intuition.
Produced in pewter, accented with Swarovski crystals, and supplied with chain. Approximate size: 1½" in diameter.

Centered around an arcane symbol from the Grimoire of Goetia, this magickal cross is reputed to bestow upon its wearer the Power of Second Sight. For Intuition.
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