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Fafnir Dragon Pendant for Wealth & Magic Ability Dragons of Wyrd for Mystical Energy Nidhogg Dragon for Resolving Difficulties
Protector of vast wealth and riches, gems and gold, dragon Fafnir also held magical treasure within. The ability to speak with birds and protection from wounds are only two of his supernatural gifts.

The pendant is crafted in sterling silver and embellished with red crystals. 925 Silver chain and gift box included.
Wrought from the swirling mists of the Wyrd, the Celtic term for the interconnection of all things, this winged dragon pendant is worn to Connect with the Mystical Energy of the Universe. Nidhogg the Viking serpent of immortality thrives in the dark underworld of Niflhelm. This pendant is reputed to bestow upon the wearer the ability to resolve difficulties and to Survive and Triumph through Troubled Times.
Sacred Dragon Amulet, Physical & Psychic Protection Dragonstar, Balance & Stability Dracogram, Premonitions
Centered around the Star of Solomon and inscribed with the Tetragramaton, the Holy Hebrew Name of God, the Dragon Guardians serve as a reminder of the potency of this powerful protective amulet. For Physical and Psychic Protection. Intertwined in perfect harmony the Male and Female Dragons represent the polarity of the Life Force around the Five Elements of the magickal pentagram, forming a talisman for Balance and Stability. Clutching its divination ball, the Dragon symbolizes Life Force combined with the magickal energy of the pentagram to form a powerful talisman for Scrying into the Future.
Dragon Skull, Wealth Beyond Imagination Earth Dragon, Protection from Betrayal The Dragon Tree for Shielding from Danger
Jewelled vessel of prophecy and magic cunning, precious Dragonskull holds the key to wealth beyond imagination.
Produced in pewter, enhanced with Swarovski crystals and/or gold and provided with a chain.
Pentagram’s magic and skill clasped secure within Dragon’s legendary might manifests protection from betrayal.
Produced in pewter, enhanced with Swarovski crystals and/or gold and provided with a chain.
Dragon - "watchers" from the ancient Greek 'Dracon' - are otherworldly guardians of precious medal, jewels and knowledge. From their home at the roots of the sacred Greenwood Oak, they rise to cloak invisible all who require their magical protection.
Eye of the Ice Dragon Pendant for Harmony & Stability Dragonhead Boat for Safety on Journeys

The ancient Norse believed the world was created of five elements: Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ice. The Ice Dragon symbolizes their combined energy and is a symbol of harmony and stability.
Produced in pewter, accented with Swarovski crystals, and supplied with chain. Approximate size: ½" x 1¼"

The longboat figurehead was an important magical charm believed to frighten off supernatural predators just as defensive shields would protect them from human foes. Voyages could be dangerous, and the Vikings sought the guardianship of the dragon symbol for protection and good fortune when away from home. For Safety on Journeys.
Made of pewter and provided with a chain. Approximate size: 1" x 1½"