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Dream Catchers are among the most beautiful artifacts in American Indian Culture and Mythology. It is a loop-its center woven in a web-like pattern.  It is said that in the night air there are good dreams and bad dreams. The good dreams go through the loop's web into the one sleeping. While the bad dreams become hopelessly tangled in the web. When the first light of dawn touches the web, the bad dreams evaporate.
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Dream Catcher Small Cascade - 1.5inch - Monague Native Crafts
Small Dream Catcher with feather cascade 1.5 inch. Webbed with sinew. Detailed with cow and/or pig split hide, ceramic beads, semi precious stones and hackle feathers. Handmade in Canada
Monague Native Crafts Ltd. is 100% Native Owned, and started with humble beginnings. Traveling from the Pow Wow trail to the world of international business, originally selling out in a van that housed the family, then developing a small cottage craft base, and progressing to creating hand-drawn catalogues, Monague Native Crafts Ltd. - for more than 25 years - has become one of Canada's leading producers and suppliers of high-quality, handcrafted Native American products to the world market.