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Eye of Horus Charm for Health, Strength, & Vigour Heiroglyphia Charm for Happiness, Health, & Harmony Egyptian Ankh Charm for Health, Prosperity, and Long Life

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Product Code: STL-SCA98

Originating from Ancient Egypt, this amulet was worn to bestow upon its wearer blessings of Health, Strength and Vigor, and Protection from the Evil Eye.
Made of brass and copper. Approximate size: ⅞" in diameter.

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Product Code: STL-SCC84

Incorporating all the Planetary symbols and Elements, the Hieroglyphic Monad amulet is worn to achieve Balance, Health and Happiness through harmony with the Planets and the Elements.
Made of brass and copper. Approximate size: 3¼" x 1½".

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Product Code: STL-SCD68

Seen by the Ancient Egyptians as the Key of Life, this amulet is worn for Good Health, Prosperity and Long Life.
Made of brass and copper. Approximate size: 1¾" x 1¾".

Wadjet Amulet for Wisdom and Guidance Caduceus Amulet for Healing Ability Small Ankh Amulet for Health, Prosperity ,& Long Life
The serpent is a symbol of Wadjet, the goddess of Lower Egypt, who sat upon the brow of both pharaohs and gods, keeping them from evil. For Wisdom and Guidance. Symbol of the medical profession since ancient times, the sacred serpents of Force and Form intertwine as one side eternally and identically reflects the other. For Healing Ability. The Ankh represents living and everlasting life, not only in the material world but in the spiritual afterlife, and is the oldest and most sacred Egyptian amulet. For Health, Prosperity and Long Life.
Eye of Horus Amulet for Health, Strength, and Protection Cleopatra Love Cartouche Amulet for Happy Love & Friendship Bast Amulet for Love and Happiness
The Eye of the Moon which Set stole from Horus is worn to protect against evil, symbolising the Power of Light over Darkness. For Health, Strength and Protection. Comes in a presentation box with 18" chain. Makes a great gift! Incorporating a powerful magical hieroglyph charm dedicated to Cleopatra, this cartouche may be worn for Happy Love and Friendship. Figures of cats were offered to the sun goddess Bast at her temple at Bubastis to receive her blessings as mistress of music, dance, pleasure and love. For Love and Happiness.
Anubis Amulet for Guidance on Life's Journey Scarab Amulet for Courage & Protection Horus Amulet for Safety on Journeys
Shown as a man with a black jackal's head, the god Anubis tested the worth of the dead by weighing their hearts against a feather on his scales. For Guidance on Life's Journeys. Sacred to all Egyptian Sun Gods, the scarab amulet provided the wearer with both the protection of the Sun and its creative life-force. For Courage and Protection. Son of Isis and Osiris, Sun God Horus lent his image as a falcon to the hieroglyphic symbol meaning "god" and many temples were dedicated to his name. For Safety on Journeys.
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