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Libera, Peridot for Release Negativity Cross of St. Michael, Hematite for Protection Fortitudo, Blue Chalcedony for Facing Fears
This Peridot gemstone is mounted on the symbols of fire to cleanse the Spirit and release negativity.
Approximate Size: 1½" x 1"
Hematite is the stone of immense strength. It is great for grounding your own energy and keeping you standing firm. It is mounted on the Archangel Cross of St. Michael for protection. Blue Chalcedony, gemstone of the voice with the power of Jupiter to face fears.
Mercurea, Sodalite for Communication Ashshaph, Labradorite for Magickal Ability Phul's Moon, Quartz for Transformation
Sodalite, gemstone of the Throat Chakra with the symbol of Air and Mercury, planet of intellect an communication. Labradorite is set on the sword of the enchanter, Ashshaph, astrologer and magician, mounted with a quintessence star for magickal ability. Quartz mounted on the horns of a cusp moon above the Sigil of Phul, the Spirit of the Moon, for transformation.