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Fafnir Dragon Pendant for Wealth & Magic Ability Dragon Warrior Pendant for Valour & Victory Odin's Knot Pendant for Creativity & Initiative
Protector of vast wealth and riches, gems and gold, dragon Fafnir also held magical treasure within. The ability to speak with birds and protection from wounds are only two of his supernatural gifts.

The pendant is crafted in sterling silver and embellished with red crystals. 925 Silver chain and gift box included.
This helmeted warrior will not be defeated, for he invincibly bears his standard against all opponents. For Valor and Victory.
Crafted in lead free pewter and provided with a black hanging thong.
Celtic Magic Charm for Creativity and Initiative
Thor's Hammer Pendant for Protection & Success Hammer of the Aesir for Protection Whilst Travelling Runestar Pentagram for Creative Inspiration
Celtic Magic Charm for Protection and Success A hammer amulet of the Viking God Thor, incorporating the heads of Tanngnjostrand Tanngrisner the supernatural goats that drew his chariot through the heavens. The Great Skalds (poets) found inspiration in the elements around them and from the Earth's wisdom. This amulet featuring futhark rune inscriptions representing the poetry of nature, aids those who also seeking Creative Inspiration.
Eagershelm, Protection & Achievement Thor's Hammer: Strength, Courage, & Success Runic Celtic Cross Pendant for Knowledge and Magical Ability
Also known by the Vikings as Aegishjalmur, this eightfold spindle symbolizes order and completion. Considered to be the greatest talisman for magickal power in the North is reputed to help its wearer to create order from chaos, successfully complete all tasks undertaken, and is considered to have protective powers. For Protection and Achievement. Viewed as a symbol of consecration and divine regal power by the ancient Nordic people this talisman was worn for Strength, Courage, and Success.

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Knowledge and Magical Ability.
Crafted in pewter, accented with gold and provided with a chain.  Approximately 1½" in diameter.

Eye of the Ice Dragon Pendant for Harmony & Stability Sunwheel Pendant for Optimism Jewels of the Moon Pendant for Clairvoyance and Psychic Ability

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The ancient Norse believed the world was created of five elements: Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ice. The Ice Dragon symbolizes their combined energy and is a symbol of harmony and stability.
Produced in pewter, accented with Swarovski crystals, and supplied with chain.  Approximate size: ½" x 1¼"

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Product Code: STL-NLMC03

Crafted in pewter, accented with gold and provided with a chain.  Approximate size: 1½" in diameter.

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Product Code: STL-NLMD11

The Moon's phases govern the shamanic magic called Seidr, taught to Odin by Norse goddess Freya, and inspire this charm. For Clairvoyance and Psychic Ability.
Produced in pewter, accented with Swarovski crystals, and supplied with chain. Approximate size: 1½" in diameter.

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