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Agrimony Herb Packet for Hoodoo, Conjure, Spells - Protection, reversing and Healing Agrimony Herb - Agrimonia Eupatoria - Organic

Agrimony has such good energy, it is one of the few herbs which can help reverse a hex, curse or evil eye. As such, it is an excellent cleansing, calming, protection and healing herb. Corresponds with Jupiter and Air

Herb Packet $3.50
Alfalfa Leaf Alfalfa Leaf - Medicago sativa

Other Names: Chilean Clover, Buffalo Grass, Lucerne, purple medic

Use for prosperity, abundance, and financial success. Carry in a sachet for gambling luck, or sprinkle at the base of a green candle for money draw.

: $3.50
Angelica Root (Powder) Angelica Root (Powder)

Uses: A powerful guardian and healer. Provide strength to women. Sprinkle to quiet ghosts, ward off evil, bring luck in health and relationships. Carry for protection. Use in healing and exorcism incenses.

: $3.50
Angelica Root - Archangel Michael protection herb magic for mojo bag, incense spells and rituals Organic Angelica Root - Organic Angelica Archangelica

Angelica Root is the herbal equivalent of a guardian angel. A sweet smelling root which works well in incenses, potourri, and any kind of herb work to bring in protective, angelic power. It wards off evil and harm of all kinds, and is useful in healing spells.

Root Chips $3.50
Balm of Gilead Buds for Love and Reconciliation magic, hoodoo, conjure ritual. Astrological correspondence Libra & Taurus Balm of Gilead Buds - Organic Populus Candicans

Use for Love and Reconciliation, to heal a broken heart, stop gossip and repair friendships. Carry in a sachet, mojo bag or locket. White, for healing, pink or red to attract new love. Protects against evil eye. Crush the buds and blend into an incense with ritual.

Bud Packet $3.50
Basil Leaf Basil Leaf

All herbs, roots and flowers are sold as curios only, for external use.

Leaf $3.50
Bay Laurel Leaves - Whole Organic Laurus Nobilis Bay Laurel Leaves - Whole Organic Laurus Nobilis

Bay Laurel Leaves are said to clear crossed conditions, Ward off Evil, and hold blessings and prayers. Used as a smudge. Used as a blessing in the Despacho Ceremony of the Q'ero in North America. Aids in Healing Ceremonies and to increase Psychic Awareness.

Whole Leaves: $3.50
Bearberry Leaf (Urva Ursi) Mojo bag, incense, spell and rituals Bearberry Leaf (Urva Ursi) - Arctostaphylos uva ursi

Native Americans add to tobacco to make Kinnickinnick. Make a mojo for healing and psychic ability by combining Anise seed and Star Anise.

: $3.50
Black Peppercorn Black Peppercorn - Piper nigrum

Used for protection, getting rid of negativity, and in reversing, crossing, and uncrossing spells. Anti-depressant properties. Planet association: Mars.

All herbs are sold as curios only, for external use.

: $3.50
Bloodroot or Red Root improves relations with in-laws and family, blood relations, also to turn back a hex Bloodroot - Organic Sanguinaria Canadensis

Bloodroot is known as the Guardian for the Family. Helps relations where respect and consideration is lacking. Good for general luck in family and in-law matters or where there are blood ties. Hex Reversal and marriage protector. Carry as part of a evil eye protection mojo bag.

Root Packet $3.95
Catnip Leaf Catnip Leaf - Nepeta cataria

Other Names:Catmint, Catnep, Catswort, Field Balm

Associated with Venus. Used to entice and charm a man. Generate a sense of relaxation and enhance dream and trance work. Enhances psychic bond between humans and cats.

All herbs are sold as curios only, for external use.

: $3.50
Cedar Tips - Western Red Cedar Tips - Western Red

All herbs are sold as curios only, for external use.

: $3.50
Chamomile Flower Buds - Magic Herb for Metaphysical Uses - Luck, Attraction, Money, Peace, Love, Tranquility and Purification Chamomile Flowers - Organic Matricaria Chamomilla

Chamomile is commonly used for Attraction magic and Luck. Gamblers wash their hands in an infusion of chamomile water. Add to mojo bag or incense for money, peace, love, tranquility and also for purification. One of the Nine Sacred Herbs of the Anglo Saxons.

Dried Flower Buds $3.50
Cherry Bark - Prunus serotina Cherry Bark - Prunus serotina

Use to draw and keep a lover, enhance sexual attraction and increase passion. Opens the heart to improve communication. Planet: Venus

: $3.50
Organic Cinnamon Sticks for Magic - Metaphysical use: Prosperity, Passion and Protection Cinnamon Sticks - Organic Cinnamomum Burmanii

Cinnamon sticks are used for Good Fortune in Business, Money Matters and Games of Chance. Wrap a dollar bill around the stick and carry or place on your altar or in your cash register to bring good money in. Cinnamon can be blended with other resins and herbs burned as an incense for Love, Money, or Protection.

Pack of Sticks $3.50
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