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Hoo Doo is an ever-evolving tradition of earth magic with roots deep in our ancestral past. Motor City Hoo Doo is Coventry’s adaptation of Herbal Magic for Urban Folk: Each item is hand-made with herbs and blended essential oils and includes complete instructions.

Motor City Hoo Doo Mojo Bags are hand-made and laced with all kinds of special magic from Coventry. Combine the provided ingredients of your Mojo Bag with common ordinary things found in your home to complete your magical spell. Carry it all with you to keep your specific purpose active while you go about your day.

Motor City Hoo Doo Candles are inspired by the old-time Hoo Doo recipes and conjures that root workers incorporated into every day magic. Each recipe was very carefully crafted to be powerful, effective and work very fast. We provided a unique spell with each candle, and encourage you to add your own words to make them personal.

Motor City Hoo Doo Oils are a natural for Coventry. They have been blending their own oils for over 12 years, just never bottled them before and what a treat these oils are! Use them in ways and in places candles could never go. Anoint objects, put a drop in your shoes, rub some on your hands, sneak some in the wash water, and use as a freshener - the ideas are plenty and the magic is strong.
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