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Seven Wood Incense SamplerIncensio de Santa Fe

Remember the smell of a campfire with giant chunks of wood? Here's an incense which evokes the unique smell of a crackling fire in open air. They have seven varieties: alder, cedar, fir, hickory, juniper, mesquite, and pinon. Incienso does not make sticks or cones, but pressed bricks.

Natural Wood Incense for tree-huggers

Incienso de Santa Fe has specialized in single-note wood scents since 1964. All of their offerings come from trees that are native to America and, in the spirit of conservation, are made from only dead or fallen trees. People say that this incense makes them remember all kinds of wonderful things...the perfume of the painted desert, a crackling campfire on a high mountain trail, the morning mist settling in a Zuni village. If you love the natural smell of fragrant woods then you will love this incense! Not sure which wood to choose? Try the Seven Scent Sampler . . .
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Natural Alder Wood Incense Brick / Cone Natural Cedar Wood Incense Brick / Cone Natural Fir Balsam Wood Incense Brick / Cone
Alder grows in the desert southwest and Mexico at elevations of 2000 to 6000 feet. This slow growing tree is very hard and has an equally distinctive odor. In the spirit of Native America, Fred created Albuquerque Mountain Cedar. Native traditions tell that where there is cedar, evil will not enter. The temple of Solomon was also made of Cedar. Evergreen trees in nature, firs are tall, symmetrical trees with uniformly spaced branch whorls. Because of its height, Fir indicates aspiring views, far sight and clear vision. It symbolizes flexibility, astuteness and the ability to change.
Natural Mesquite  Wood Incense Brick / Cone Natural Pinon Wood Incense Brick / Cone
Mesquite trees in nature are tall, hardy and viewed as a Tree of Life. Because of their hardiness and ability to change up their water sources, these are symbols of survival and flexibility. Thriving where one would dry up. Pinon is an evergreen tree that grows along the foot hills of Californian's desert mountains, east to Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, and north to Wyoming.
The bricks are best lit when treated like a miniature piece of firewood.
  1. Remove an incense brick from the box and hold the tip over a continuous flame (candle flame or lighter).
  2. Occasionally blow/fan it until the tip is a nice glowing ember.
  3. Place the smoking brick upright in a cone holder or level bed of sand in a holder and enjoy the aroma!