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Pentagram of Brisingamen for Charm & Beauty Sir Gawain's Glyph Thor's Hammer: Strength, Courage, & Success
Wrought by earth spirits and given to the Viking Goddess Freyja by the Aesir of Odin, this pentagram is reputed to bestow upon the wearer irresistible Beauty and Charm.

Surrounded by the five elements, written in Latin, this heraldic style pentagram can be worn to achieve stability and inner harmony.
Produced in lead-free pewter, embellished with gold, accented with Swarovski crystals, and supplied with matching chain. Each piece comes with a leaflet giving full details of its origins and a simple empowerment ritual.
Approximate size: 1¼" x 1¼".

Viewed as a symbol of consecration and divine regal power by the ancient Nordic people this talisman was worn for Strength, Courage, and Success.
Earth Dragon, Protection from Betrayal Baphomet, Light and Darkness Amphisibaena Pentacle Pendant for Cosmic Protection
Pentagram’s magic and skill clasped secure within Dragon’s legendary might manifests protection from betrayal.
Produced in pewter, enhanced with Swarovski crystals and/or gold and provided with a chain.
A symbol of Black Magic to many, the goat of Mendes was an intrisic part of the Black Sabbath. However the fire torch between its horns reveals its deeper meaning of the perpetual struggle between Light with Darkness A precious healing crystal rests firmly in the grasp of the dragon, truly the keeper of a treasure. The wearer may use this pendant as a pendulum or therapeutic tool, as the dragon symbol protects from unwanted influences. Crafted in sterling silver & Crystal.

The Dragon pendant is crafted in sterling silver and embellished with crystals. 18" 925 Sterling Silver chain and gift box included.
Amphisibaena Pentacle Pendant for Cosmic Protection Griffin of Nemesis Pendant for Universal Justice Runestar Pentagram for Creative Inspiration
Two-headed Amphisbaena watches over the wearer – while one head sleeps, the other is always alert and on guard. The magical energy of the pentagram, with crystals at each elemental point, gives the design added power for many positive purposes. Crafted in sterling silver.

The pendant is crafted in sterling silver and embellished with crystals. 18" 925 Sterling Silver chain and gift box included.
Nemesis, Goddess of Justice, delivered judgement from a chariot drawn by eight Griffins. Our Griffin is shown with his feet firmly on the wheel so the symbol of Justice reinforces the perfect symmetry of the Pentagram. Crafted in sterling silver.

The pendant is crafted in sterling silver and embellished with crystal and a touch of gold. 18" 925 Sterling Silver chain and gift box included.
The Great Skalds (poets) found inspiration in the elements around them and from the Earth's wisdom. This amulet featuring futhark rune inscriptions representing the poetry of nature, aids those who also seeking Creative Inspiration.
Seal of Astaroth, Power & Knowledge Key of Solomon, Sorcery Dragonstar, Balance & Stability
Reproduced from the Goetia, the famous Magickal Grimoire of Solomon, this functioning wax seal is reputed to be able to cause love between a man and a woman, raise thunder and lightning, and give answers to all things secret and divine. For Power and Knowledge. Symbolizing the Key to the gate of King Solomon's occult learning and arcane knowledge. this magickal pendant is reputed to bestow upon its wearer the power of sorcery and should be used with the Wisdom of Solomon. For Sorcery. Intertwined in perfect harmony the Male and Female Dragons represent the polarity of the Life Force around the Five Elements of the magickal pentagram, forming a talisman for Balance and Stability.
The Rose Cross, High Magick Dracogram, Premonitions Cross of Dark Light, Illumination
Designed by S.L. MacGregor Mathers, the head of The Order of the Golden Dawn and combining the elements, the planets and the 22 paths this extraordinary cross can be the key to initiation on the Path to High Magick. To be empowered to any High Purpose. Clutching its divination ball, the Dragon symbolizes Life Force combined with the magickal energy of the pentagram to form a powerful talisman for Scrying into the Future. Constructed around the most profound symbol in the Lesser Key of Solomon, the creative light of the Holy Tetragramaton, inscribed in the central pentagram, balances the dark energy of the surrounding cross in a perfect metaphor for universal polarity. Reputed to bestow upon its wearer the power to see Darkness where others see Light, and Light where others see Darkness. For Illumination.
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