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Our diverse, skilled staff of intuitive readers are now available for remote readings! Select the reader of your choice and then you can edit the type and length of reading you desire. A wide range of prices and options are available, with the most popular listed as the default. You can choose from phone, e-mail, and video readings; you can get a reading without ever leaving the house!

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Astrological Birth Chart Astrological Birth Chart (Natal Chart)

An astrological birth chart, also called a natal chart, is a representation of what the sky looked like at the time of your birth. It shows which sign every planet was in relative to where you were when you were born. It shows all the energies and forces that came together to create you.

Astrological Birth Chart $25.00
Bo Jacisin Remote Readings Remote Readings with Bo Jacisin (Tarot)

Bo looks at readings like he is deciphering a map. His goal is to help people navigate both what is seen and what is unseen. A Tarot Reading should clarify the terrain and obstacles on your current path, offer alternate routes, and reveal what resources you need for the road ahead.

Full Phone Reading $65.00
Bobby Sullivan Remote Readings Remote Readings with Bobby Sullivan (Psychic Intuitive)

Have you ever had an in-depth psychic reading? Then meet Bobby Sullivan! Nothing about his quick wit and laid back approach speaks of his unique gifts. Look a little closer, and you’ll find that Bobby Sullivan ventured down a road that has taken him a long way from where he started.

Full Phone Reading $65.00
Chuck Kausalik-Boe Remote Readings Remote Readings with Chuck Kausalik-Boe (Tarot/Reiki)

Chuck sees tarot as a tool for spiritual guidance and for heightening our understanding of the issues in our lives. He has been a Reiki master since 1997. He is a spiritual counselor and teacher and believes that Reiki can promote relaxation and balance the mind, body, and spirit.

Full Phone Reading $65.00
Johnny G. Remote Readings Remote Readings with Johnny G. (Tarot/Oracle)

Johnny is known for his honesty and sense of humor. You'll get a reading with a mix of spirituality, wisdom, myth, and pop culture. Johnny's aim is to give you the advice you need to acheive the best possible future. He uses both tarot and the unique Harrow oracle to deliver his readings.

Full Phone Reading $65.00
Madeline Youngstrom Remote Readings Remote Readings with Madeline Youngstrom (Astrology)

Madeline Youngstrom believes that astrology is a powerful tool in making sense of past events and current situations.  She compassionately practices astrology as an effective key that unlocks the mystery of self-discovery for clients, enabling them to make more informed decisions and see the big picture.

Full Phone Reading $65.00
Magnolia Lace Remote Readings Remote Readings with Magnolia Lace (Tarot)

Magnolia uses the Tarot as a way to validate the inner experiences of others, and processes them in a holistic manner that provides clients with unique and practical options on how to move forward through life with clarity and authenticity.

Full Phone Reading $65.00
Sam Lofgren Remote Readings Remote Readings with Sam Lofgren (Tarot/Bonecasting)

A reader for over 20 years, Sam blends the old and the new from multiple traditions through an intersectional feminist framework. Their practice is focused around the practical and the ritual of the places that scare us. They specialize in transitions, with an emphasis on endings and affirming new beginnings.

Full Phone Reading $65.00
Zack Anderson Remote Readings Remote Readings with Zack Anderson (Tarot)

Using Tarot, Zack helps you find the answers to your questions, conceive of your next steps, and discover your place in the world. Through years of working with the Thoth Tarot as an Intuitive Reader, Zack Anderson has studied the ancient symbolism of the Qabalah, and learned to interpret this symbol set to our modern world.

Full Phone Reading (default) $65.00
Our phone readings are available in several different sizes, from as short as 15 minutes to as long as a full hour. Sometimes you just have a quick question for the reader, but if you have a lot of questions or topics to talk about, you may need a longer session. The email readings also come in a number of sizes to ensure that you can get all the information that you need. You can get anything from a simple paragraph or two to a report that may end up several pages long.

Video readings are delivered via a private YouTube link that will be emailed to you when the reading is complete. Videos average 15-20 minutes long depending on the reading.

Distance reiki sessions are best scheduled when you'll know you'll be somewhere quiet and relaxed. You'll get more direction from the reiki practitioner when your session is set up.

How do I know what to ask?

This is a great question. Imagine you had a great non-judgemental aunt or uncle you could turn to for advice, what would you ask? Or visualize what it is you really want. Something specific. Then be open to what the universe has to say. Write out a couple of versions and pick the one which most clearly expresses what you need.

Or if you don't have a specific question, just focus on the facet of your life you feel least sure of: romance, family, work, school, spiritual path, etc. Or just ask for a check in with the universe. If you don't have anything specific, the reader will tap into what you most need to know at this time in your life.

Rave Reviews from Clients in our Minneapolis Store

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I've been here for 4-5 readings and would highly recommend it! At first I was apprehensive, but found all of my readings to be very helpful. I like to call tarot readings "brain fuel". I always leave thinking about things differently than when I went in. I've seen Zack and Thracie, both wonderful readers. Zack is super chill and direct. Several things he told me would happen, did happen. Thracie has helped me sort through the questions I have about my career and purpose. I love EOHM.

So awesome!!

Went with a friend and we both had such unique readings that were SO spot on! Excited to get to this 'mountain' and see what's on the other side!

Positive first time experience

I had a basic reading done for my 30th birthday and was very pleased with the services I received. Very comfortable environment and knowledgable staff. Would highly recommend this shop for all your metaphysical needs and quests.
~Hanna D.

Just. Wow.

I did two readings on a Sunday with one of my friends. Went to Thraicie and Zack. Their styles are different, but when asked the same question, they answered with the same information. And they were both 100% accurate. Thank you for a wonderful experience. Truly appreciated. I will be back!

Genuinely fantastic experience

I'm truly thankful for the wonderful experience. Hands down, the most amazing reading I've ever had. Highly recommend!
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