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Phone readings are by appointment for a pre-selected length of time, just like our in-store readings. In fact, they are scheduled during our regular business hours. A scheduler will call you at the number you provide when you check out to book your appointment.

Please allow up to a week for Email readings.

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  • Thraicie Tarot & Theban Runes

    Thraicie provides no nonsense readings for those at a crossroads on their spiritual journey through life.
    Available for Phone Readings Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Zack Anderson Thoth Tarot

    Zack helps you find the answers to your questions, conceive of your next steps, and discover your place in the world.
    Available for Phone Readings Thurs-Tues (6 days) or Email Readings at any time
  • Cassandra Snow Tarot

    Cassandra offers frank, compassionate tarot card readings and intuitive guidance with tangible advice.
    Available for Phone Readings Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays or Email Readings at any time
  • Christián Jovanovíc Tarot

    Christián Jovanovíc specializes in Tarot and Southern Style Bone readings aka “Throwing the Bones.” His goal with each reading is to empower you to make the best choices.
    Available for Phone Readings Thursday evenings
  • Bobby O Sullivan Psychic

    I focus my readings on current/future/past life situations, relationships, personal challenges, karma, family, career direction and spiritual growth.
    Available for Phone Psychic Readings Thursdays
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Cassandra Snow Email Reading Core Email Tarot Reading with Cassandra

You've been wondering if you should get a reading, because your question needs a complete answer, or your situation needs some clarity. A core reading can get you direction or a better perspective. The reader draws 3-6 cards. One Question answered. 2-3 paragraph Report

Email Tarot Reading $45.00
Zack Anderson Thoth Tarot Reading Full Phone Thoth Tarot Reading with Zack

A Thoth Tarot reading can help you get answers to a burning question or two, or explore a general topic such as love or career or life path. 30 minutes, by appointment

Tarot Phone Reading $65.00
Zack Anderson Thoth Tarot Deluxe Email Reading Report Deluxe Email Thoth Tarot Reading with Zack

Explore all the opportunities for you in general topics such as love or career or life path. Zack will read the cards to unwind the message the universe has for you and give you the advice you need to get on course. Multi-paragraph report plus one or two follow up questions. Allow 3-8 days for initial report.

Email Tarot Reading $150.00
Cassandra Snow Email Reading Snap Email Tarot Reading with Cassandra

Do you have a quick yes/no or either/or question? Do you need a little bit of clarification? For a quick reading and a short single paragraph report, the Snap reading is perfect. 1-2 cards, 1 short paragraph report.

Email Tarot Reading $20.00
Cassandra Snow Email Reading Complex Email Tarot Reading with Cassandra

You have a Complex Situation or a Branched Question which could take you in more than one or two directions. Or maybe you just want more detail on a simple question or situation. Get an in depth report, 3-6 paragraphs from a 5-9 card reading.

Email Tarot Reading $85.00
Cassandra Snow Email Reading Deep Email Tarot Reading with Cassandra

Explore all the opportunities for you in general topics such as love or career or life path. Or you can get into multiple subjects, situations & choices. 5+ Paragraph report from a full spread card reading of 8 or more cards. Allow a little extra time for a deep Email reading.

Email Tarot Reading $120.00
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How do I know what to ask?

This is a great question. Imagine you had a great non-judgemental aunt or uncle you could turn to for advice, what would you ask? Or visualize what it is you really want. Something specific. Then be open to what the universe has to say. Write out a couple of versions and pick the one which most clearly expresses what you need.

Or if you don't have a specific question, just focus on the facet of your life you feel least sure of: romance, family, work, school, spiritual path, etc. Or just ask for a check in with the universe. If you don't have anything specific, the reader will tap into what you most need to know at this time in your life.

Rave Reviews from Clients in our Minneapolis Store

Go Here Immediately

I've been here for 4-5 readings and would highly recommend it! At first I was apprehensive, but found all of my readings to be very helpful. I like to call tarot readings "brain fuel". I always leave thinking about things differently than when I went in. I've seen Zack and Thracie, both wonderful readers. Zack is super chill and direct. Several things he told me would happen, did happen. Thracie has helped me sort through the questions I have about my career and purpose. I love EOHM.

So awesome!!

Went with a friend and we both had such unique readings that were SO spot on! Excited to get to this 'mountain' and see what's on the other side!

Positive first time experience

I had a basic reading done for my 30th birthday and was very pleased with the services I received. Very comfortable environment and knowledgable staff. Would highly recommend this shop for all your metaphysical needs and quests.
~Hanna D.

Just. Wow.

I did two readings on a Sunday with one of my friends. Went to Thraicie and Zack. Their styles are different, but when asked the same question, they answered with the same information. And they were both 100% accurate. Thank you for a wonderful experience. Truly appreciated. I will be back!

Genuinely fantastic experience

I'm truly thankful for the wonderful experience. Hands down, the most amazing reading I've ever had. Highly recommend!
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