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Rosarium Alchemical Ritual Incense Blends

Rosarium Blends Premium Ritual IncenseCatamara creates hand crafted talismanic ritual incense blends use the finest herbs, woods, resins and essential oils. Each incense is blended and charged during the appropriate lunar phases and astrological correspondences to enhance the potency and heighten awareness. Each blend is a unique magickal charm, formulated with intention.

All of the blends are designed to metaphysically awaken to their purpose during use, to then elevate and enliven the senses of the ritualist, and thus serve as a direct link to the inherent energies it embodies. The formulations are original recipes and are the result of extensive historical research, practical experimentation and an in depth knowledge and understanding of esoteric herbalism.

Just light an incense charcoal disk in your favorite burner and sprinkle a pinch or two of the blend for a true alchemical incense experience.

Sekhmet Ritual Incense Blend Rosarium Sekhmet Ritual Incense Blend

Fierce and passionate warrior and protectress! Egyptian goddess of the noontime sun. Use to invoke ardor or dispel unwanted energies.

Myrrh, Juniper, Clove, Rose, Safflower, Bergamot, Snakeskin Sheds

Ceremony Ritual Incense Sage Smudge Blend Rosarium Ceremony Smudge Ritual Incense Blend

An offering to spirit for the cleansing, clearing, and creation of sacred space. The ingredients used in this sacred blend are a merging of traditional medicinal herbs used in South American and North American Indigenous ceremonies –The condor and eagle.
Ingredients: Copal, Palo Santo, Western Red Cedar, Lavender, Washington Sage, & Mapacho.

Banishing Ritual Incense Blend Loose Herbal Incense Banishing Ritual Incense Blend

To banish unwanted influences, entities and energies from person and space. This incense may be integrated into any banishing work and spells. It may also be worked with to assist in banishing limitations and bad habits.

Ingredients: Medieval Dragon’s Blood, Bistort, Blackthorn, Bittersweet, Mullein & Devil’s Shoestring.

: $15.95
Catamara Rosarium Blending IncenseThese blends are creations of Catamara Rosarium, a Master Herbalist, Alchemist and Ritual Artist. Her experience and knowledge working with herbs is extensive, refined through much experimentation, and motivated by her desire and attraction to herbs and scents and how they impact the senses.