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Located in Scandinavian Country (Minnesota), Eye of Horus has a wide selection of runes, rune charms and rune books. All of our books use traditional Norse / Germanic sources for their definitions and use of the runes. For those who want Authentic Runes!
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Practical Guide to the Runes: Their Uses in Divination and Magic - Lisa Peschel Wooden Futhark Runes
Wooden Runes
This guidebook will help you discover the oracular nature of the runes and how to use them as a magickal tool for insight, protection, and luck. Practical and concise, this is a great introduction to the Futhark.

Each rune bag comes complete with a full set of 25 beautifully carved traditional wooden runes is presented in a lined embroidered satin pouch. Each set comes with an instruction booklet explaining the meaning of each rune and how to do rune castings. (Box is NOT included)
Size: 5" x 5" satin pouch; 1" wood runes


We also get in one-of-a-kind wooden rune sets from local crafters.  Call us Toll-free at 1-888-872-1292 if you are looking for a custom wooden or antler set.