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A Complete Guide to the Tarot Pictorial Key to the Tarot Psychic Tarot by Nancy Antenucci and Melanie Howard
by Eden Gray

With detailed reproductions and explanations, Eden Gray offers explicit advice about the three different methods of reading the cards, and using the tarot for divination and meditation. Both beginning student and advanced devotee will find in this book new insights into the ancient lore of the tarot.
by Arthur Edward Waite

Contains detailed description of each card in the Rider-Waite Tarot deck along with regular and reversed meanings. Black and white illustrations.
by Nancy Antenucci and Melanie Howard

Learn to read tarot cards using your own psychic skills, and gain new levels of inspiration, guidance, and insight. This friendly tarot guidebook features a wealth of creative exercises that are compatible with any deck, plus sample readings, spreads, and compelling firsthand accounts from a seasoned reader and teacher to start you on the path to trusting your intuition in reading the cards.
Llewellyn's Little Book of Tarot by Barbara Moore Tarot for Beginners Book Your Tarot Your Way Book
Discover fun and easy ways to use the tarot cards with this hardcover, full-color guide. Llewellyn's Little Book of Tarot is an ideal introduction to using the 78 cards to enhance your life and build a successful divination practice. You'll find an impressive collection of activities, tips, and prompts that allow you to go at your own pace and explore what reading style works best. by Barbara Moore
Discover the core divinatory meanings of all seventy-eight cards, clearly broken down by Major and Minor Arcana, suit, and number. A variety of spreads and sample readings will help you develop essential skills and ultimately create your own unique style.
by Barbara Moore. Discover what’s its like to receive tarot lessons with a warm and encouraging teacher at your side. Join Barbara Moore as she shows you how to build tarot skills from the ground up and form your own intimate connections with the cards.
Tarot Plain and Simple by Anthony Louis & Robin Wood The Tarot Coloring Book Tarot For Troubled Times Book
by Anthony Louis & Robin Wood

If you've had trouble learning the Tarot, this book gives the meaning of each and every one of the 78 Tarot cards -- both in simple terms and in-depth ones, both upright interpretations and those for when a card is drawn reversed. Illustrations are from the elegant and mystic Robin Wood Tarot.
by Theresa Reed.  With The Tarot Coloring Book, you can color your way through every card in the deck—and go from “Tarot rookie” to “Tarot rock star” in no time. Created especially for new practitioners and people who’ve been intimidated by Tarot, this guide was created to help you get going immediately with a Tarot practice that will grow and deepen for many years to come. by Theresa Reed and Shaheen Miro. Each of us has a shadow that darkens our inner and outer lives. Tarot for Troubled Times shows us how working with the shadow—facing it directly, leaning into it rather than away—releases power that can free ourselves from negative mental habits and destructive emotions to find healing ourselves and others. Tarot, as the authors show, offers a rich and subtle path for this profound transformation.
Tarot for Magical Times by Rachel Pollack and Johannes Fiebig Tarot Inspired Life by Jaymi Elford Learning the Tarot: A Tarot Book for Beginners
by Rachel Pollack and Johannes Fiebig
Just in time for 2012, this book, written with German Tarot expert Johannes Fiebig, looks at the Tarot as a prophecy of cataclysmic change and the mysteries of rebirth. See the Rider-Waite-Smith deck in a whole new way! Divinatory meanings are followed by recommended action to revitalise initiative, similar to the I Ching Book of Changes. The book provides exercises in true and false security. It offers several spreads, including one card for each day of the year.
Discover how to use the cards for creative writing, meditation, and connecting to spirit guides. Learn how your deck can be an agent of change through invocations and seasonal rituals. Jaymi Elford's guidance inspires you to think outside the norm, follow your own path, and honor your unique interpretations of tarot. by Joan Bunning

From the Author: "My goal in Learning the Tarot is to give you the basics you need to begin working with the tarot on your own. I try to make this inner process understandable by breaking it up into a series of steps that are simple while still doing justice to the depth and beauty of the cards. I concentrate on the everyday, showing how the tarot makes real, practical sense in the modern world. The tarot is a living system that adapts creatively to each user. Rather than rules, I offer guidelines."
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