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Psychic Tarot by Nancy Antenucci and Melanie Howard Tarot Plain and Simple by Anthony Louis & Robin Wood Tarot Inspired Life by Jaymi Elford
by Nancy Antenucci and Melanie Howard

Learn to read tarot cards using your own psychic skills, and gain new levels of inspiration, guidance, and insight. This friendly tarot guidebook features a wealth of creative exercises that are compatible with any deck, plus sample readings, spreads, and compelling firsthand accounts from a seasoned reader and teacher to start you on the path to trusting your intuition in reading the cards.
by Anthony Louis & Robin Wood

If you've had trouble learning the Tarot, this book gives the meaning of each and every one of the 78 Tarot cards -- both in simple terms and in-depth ones, both upright interpretations and those for when a card is drawn reversed. Illustrations are from the elegant and mystic Robin Wood Tarot.
Discover how to use the cards for creative writing, meditation, and connecting to spirit guides. Learn how your deck can be an agent of change through invocations and seasonal rituals. Jaymi Elford's guidance inspires you to think outside the norm, follow your own path, and honor your unique interpretations of tarot.
Book of Thoth - Tarot of the Egyptians by Aleister Crowley Tarot Correspondences by T. Susan Chang Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza
Deviant Moon Tarot Book
Hardbook Cover $39.95
The Book Of Thoth is now a classic in the fields of both Tarot and Esoteric Studies. It is used by students of the Golden Dawn as well as those who want to understand Crowley's Thoth tarot.  This is the definitive study of the Egyptian tarot and is used as a key to all Western mystery disciplines. Crowley explores medieval symbolism and ancient Kabbalistic tradition using the Tarot as a framework. Author T. Susan Chang provides comprehensive correspondence tables for court cards, majors, minors, and the four suits, making this book your must-have resource whether you’re a student, professional reader, spiritual seeker, or magical practitioner. Tarot Correspondences also shares methods for working with correspondences in readings, focusing on elements, astrology, numbers, or Kabbalah separately or in combination. You’ll also discover meditation and visualization exercises, creative interpretation techniques, and tips for using correspondences to enhance spells and magical rituals. With this book, you’ll create your own magnificent system for journeying deep into the cards and strengthening your practice.
Talented artist Patrick Valenza presents uniquely alternative interpretations of traditional tarot with symbolism inspired by childhood dreams and visions. This fully illustrated book takes you behind the scenes of Deviant Moon to glimpse the creative inspiration and artistic technique that gave rise to this popular tarot deck. Patrick also offers expanded meanings and interpretations, for both upright and reversed card positions.