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Green Votive Candle - Unscented White Votive Candle - Unscented Red Votive Candle - Unscented Black Votive Candle - Unscented
Green colored votive candle Correspondence for White:
  • Yang energy. Masculine and active.
  • Protection. Devotion, purity. Clarity, enlightenment and understanding.
  • Planet: Uranus
  • 7th Chakra
Unscented red votive candle Unscented black votive candle
Blue Votive Candle - Unscented Yellow Votive Candle - Unscented Sacred White Sage - Purifying Essential Oil Votive Witches Brew Votive - Original Power Blend
Unscented blue votive candle Yellow unscented votive candle Sacred White Sage. Spiritually Cleansing Candle. Pure essential oils with supreme grade Sacred White Sage. One of the most requested candles ever - you have to experience this essential blend to believe the power within. This candle is great for meditation, charging up your spells, protecting you during psychic work, and making your place smell just great! Frankincense, Myrrh and Mugwort strengthen the spirit and enlighten the soul to energize and empower any ritual or witch's spell craft.
Love Votive Candle with Lavender Spice Essential Blend Fire Energy Will Votive Candle with Sandalwood and Ginger Essential Blend Protection Power Votive Candle w/ Myrrh Sweet Grass 10 hour Votive Candle to Bring Goodness in
The Love votive is designed to open your heart, mind and spirit to the ultimate source of love. Through this universal love you can manifest what you desire and deserve. Love starts within the self, and then blossoms to touch others. Each votive burns for 10 hours.
A spicy orange votive candle with a sandalwood & ginger essential blend. From the center of your will, anything can be accomplished, for this is the first step on the road to manifesting your desires. Each votive burns for 10 hours.
Black is the blending of all colors, representing protection in all directions, in all areas of your life and through all of your actions. Many times issues of protection are lessons in personal boundaries and personal power. Each votive burns for 10 hours.
Placing this candle on your altar, will inspire you to see the beauty that is present in your life. This awakened appreciation will illuminate new paths and answers that had been locked away.
Happy Home Votive Candle with Rose and Myrrh Essential Blend Witches Union Wooden Matches - box of 50-60 matches 3 7/8" long Abundance Blessing Kit - 3 Candles - Prosperity, Attraction and Earth Abundance Luck Blessing Kit - 3 Candles - Energy, Prosperity and Happiness
Witches Union Wooden Matches - box of 50 plus 3 7/8" wooden matches
List Price: $9.00
Witches Union Member Price $7.95
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Your home, no matter what state it is in, is your sanctuary. Use this candle to help create an environment that is warm and inviting, or to bless others with good wishes. Feel the tension and stress dissolve away when you burn this candle to calm a stormy household. Each votive burns for 10 hours.
Candle magic needs flame. These official Witches Union Spell Caster Club matches are perfect, with over 50 matches in each box (there were 58 in our tester box). These wooden matches are 3 7/8" long, so you can light multiple candles with a single match. A Triad of Prosperity, Attraction and Earth Abundance need not be elusive. The lucky energy of the sun, the transforming properties of fire, and the power of green prosperity combine.
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