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Healing Charm Job Satisfaction Charm Winning a Battle Charm
Healing Charm

Loa - The Healing Herb Doctor Tree, Loa Loco

This calming Voodoo Charm invites you into a healing sanctuary. When you feel a gust of strong wind or notice a beautiful butterfly, be sure that your prayers are being answered.
Offering: Wrap three red flowers in a green piece of paper or fabric and tie them in a tree on a Wednesday.
Approximate Size: 1½" x 1¼"

Loa - The Water Snake, Loa Simbi

This Voodoo Charm contains potent Veves used to effectively speed up the process towards job satisfaction, opening the right doors when needed and is said to send spirit forces to guide the wearer in the direction of fufilment.
Offering: Bread soaked in water wrapped in green paper on a Saturday left by natural water.
Approximate Size: 1⅞" x 1"

Loa - The Victorious and Honorable Warrior, Loa Ogoun

With this Voodoo Charm you will receive mighty power from Loa Ogoun, who is renowned for protecting the wearer from oncoming attack and ensuring triumph over the opposing party.
Offering: The red part of a mango skin wrapped in tin foil left somewhere in the open where the sun will catch it on a Wednesday.
Approximate Size: 1⅜" x 1¼"

Incite Lust Charm Guidance from Ancestors Charm Fertility Charm

Loa - Spirit of Fire, Storms and Lightning, Loa Shango

The awesome power of this Voodoo Charm is able to enflame the soul and is at its most strong when placed close to lovers wishing to incite a lustful energy. The snakes represent coiled energy that can spring into action, make you rush with sensation & may overwhelm the wearer so use this piece only when necessary.
Offering: Grains of rice wrapped in red paper and left somewhere in the open where the sun will catch it on a Sunday.
Approximate Size: 1⅜" x 1¼"

Loa - The Grand Gatekeeper of the Underworld, Loa Guédé

With this Voodoo Charm Loa Guédé can request that a watchful eye is placed on you from above but he cannot decide what contact is made so be open to receiving a message from a deceased loved one.
Offering: A white flower wrapped in black paper left every night by a candle for a week. Start on a Saturday and on the second Saturday bury your offering by your favorite tree.
Approximate Size: 1⅝" x 1¼"

Loa - The Great Serpent, Loa Damballah

This is a very strong charm for encouraging fertility and can be used by either a man or woman. The Voodoo Fertility Charm is extremely effective when kept under the pillow during lovemaking. Loa Damballah has the natural power, energy, and force to create lightening and Voodoo Practicioners use this Loa's potency to help conceive.
Offering: Grapes, sprinked with flour, wrapped in white paper to be left by a lake, river, or stream on a Thursday.
Approximate Size: 1⅜" x 1¼"

Good Fortune Charm To Reap Power Charm

Loa - The Grandmother, Loa Brigitte

Use this Voodoo Charm to receive and hold good fortune. Brigitte is a wise old Loa who can use her special influences with other Loas to keep a watchful eye on the wearer, granting Good Fortune.
Offering: A purple flower sprinkled with tea leaves, wrapped in black paper and left by a tree on any day, but when the sun has fallen.
Approximate Size: 1¾" x 1⅜"

Loa - The Energy of the Sun and Magick, Loa Legba

This Voodoo Charm is carried by Voodoo Doctors to manifest high power during ceremonies. Carry it yourself to achieve great heights of magickal energy.
Offering: Tin foil with a pentagram pressed into the metal wrapped in black paper thrown into the wind on a blustery day.
Approximate Size: 1⅜" x 1¼"