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Flight of the Goddess for Awareness & Knowledge Green Man for Natural Magic Cernunnos Pendant for Renewal & Transformation
A whisper of shadow, soft wings in the dusk, the owl warns of approaching danger and sharpens inner and outer vision. Under a crescent moon, wise and wild, she flies swift through the Greenwood to capture the truth. Elemental King of the Forest, the Green Man embraces natural magic and the cycle of rebirth through the seasons. He is the guardian of Nature, and the true Spirit of the Woodland. Cernunnos is the ancient Celtic Horned God, associated with stags, produce, and fertility. This charm is infused with Cernunnos' divine ability to renew and transform the world around him.

Charm is crafted in lead free pewter and provided with a black corded necklace.
Hecate Pendant Triple Goddess of Magic
Guarding the crossroads, Hecate is "She who encounters you", the Triple Goddess wielding the power of transformation and rebirth.
Produced in pewter, enhanced with Swarovski crystals and gold and provided with a chain.