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Inner Balance Votive Candle with Jasmine Essential Blend Healing Votive Candle with Honeysuckle Spice Essential Blend Cedarwood Incense - Morning Star
A light blue candle infused with cedar, sage and jasmine oil. Each votive burns for 10 hours. Daily life is framed by extremes and bound by one’s response to them. A spiritual purple candle with a mellow honeysuckle and cedar oil blend.  Complete healing occurs in body, mind and spirit when you address the inner-personal issues that may contribute to your disease. Each votive burns for 10 hours. Cedarwood is one of the oldest aromatics, and has been used since ancient times. The scent is rich, woody, and slightly masculine, and it is good for relaxing and inner harmony. Clean-burning joss stick incense from Morning Star (Nippon Kodo.) 50 Sticks.
Natural Cedar Wood Incense Brick / Cone Cedarwood Essential Oil - Cedarus deodora - 10mL | Aromatherapy Oils at Healing Blessed Herbal Candle
In the spirit of Native America, Fred created Albuquerque Mountain Cedar. Native traditions tell that where there is cedar, evil will not enter. The temple of Solomon was also made of Cedar. Cedarwood Essential Oil - 100% pure steam distilled essential oil for aromatherapy. Also called Tibetan Cedarwood. The ancient Egyptians and Hebrews used this wood extensively. Among Hindus it is considered a divine tree, particularly in Kashmir and Punjab villages. The Sanskrit name Devadaru basically means divine wood. Good for Spirituality and soul balance.
Complete Healing occurs in the body, mind and spirit when you address the inner-personal issues that may contribute to your dis-ease. Release your knots so energy can flow again.
Inner Balance Blessed Herbal Candle Sacred Smudge Oil 1/2 oz. Ritual Oil 1/2 oz.
Burn this candle for Cool Wisdom balanced with Inner Strength. Light times of turmoil to bring inner clarity, for meditation, to bring both sides of a situation into balance. Discover the pure alternative to burning sage. Whether you need to change the energy or just lighten the air, the wonderful aroma of this oil creates a clean and blessed atmosphere. This quick and easy smudge oil uses only a traditional plant blend of palo santo, sage and cedar essential oils for energy cleansing and ritual use. Use it to anoint yourself, your space, or your items to bring smoke-free cleansing and clearing at any time. Blended in accordance with the lunar cycles and blessed for ritual use, this oil is designed to prepare you, your tools, and your space for any kind of spiritual work. This rich and vibrant oil helps purify and bless and is perfect for preparing to enter into ceremonial work. It is also designed to be skin friendly!