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Wildcrafted Damiana Leaf pack, magical herb for love, passion and to enhance psychic awareness. Hoodoo, Conjure, Spell Herb Calamus Root - Sweet Flag Folk Magic Root for Mastery, Power, Dreaming Ritual Incense or Mojo Conjure Angelica Root - Archangel Michael protection herb magic for mojo bag, incense spells and rituals Organic
Use in sachets and mojo, charm or spell bags to draw a new lover, to intensify sexual passion, or to bring back a lover who has gone astray. Damiana Leaf increases magical energy and power when used with any other herb. It also is used in divination, including use in dream magic and in clairvoyance. Use for Mastery and Power. Carry to gain the upper hand in any interaction. Calamus root is particularly good for doms. Can also be used for self-mastery. The Incense is good for lunar magic, spells, prophesy, contacting your holy guardian angel. Said to feed Kundalini. Angelica Root is the herbal equivalent of a guardian angel. A sweet smelling root which works well in incenses, potourri, and any kind of herb work to bring in protective, angelic power. It wards off evil and harm of all kinds, and is useful in healing spells.
Needed Change Votive Candle with Sandalwood and Rosemary Essential Blend Stability  Votive Candle with Rose and Myrrh Essential Blend Truth and Justice Votive Candle with Bergamot and Clove Essential Blend
A creamy candle with a heavy sandalwood scent. Bring about the instant change needed to get out of that rut you may be stuck in. Change what you need by releasing negative energies and patterns. Each votive burns for 10 hours.
An earthy brown color candle with a cypress and patchouli scent. Form a solid foundation to build your dreams upon with the earth's energies of this candle. Earth’s energy gives stability and strength to your journey into the depths of your spirit. It is during this journey where you will discover the true worth of yourself. Each votive burns for 10 hours.
In pursuit of truth and justice we need to be able discern the difference between good and evil, or more perceptively; illusion and reality. The light of this candle helps you replaces chaos with peace and harmony. Let the truth of the situation shine through for all to see. Each votive burns for 10 hours.
Lavender Essential Oil - Lavandula dentata - 10mL | Aromatherapy Oils at Tea Tree Essential Oil - Melaleuca alternifolia - 10mL | Aromatherapy Oils at Fatigue Remedy Essential Oil Blend - 9mL | Aromatherapy Synergy Oils at
Lavender True Essential Oil - 100% pure steam distilled essential oil for aromatherapy.  It was historically used by the Greeks and Romans to perfume bath water, and as an incense to the Deities. Our oil has an amazing floral scent. Consider lavender for help in acquiring magickal skills, especially Hermetic magic. In some magickal traditions, this scent is combined with rosemary  to make a calming perfume that helps one acquire wisdom. Tea Tree Essential Oil - 100% pure steam distilled essential oil for aromatherapy.  Aboriginal legends have been passed down of a magical lagoon into which tea tree leaves had fallen, and where the tribe bathed in the naturally created bath to make use of it's Magickal powers. Tea Tree has been used as a general antiseptic by the Bundjalung Aborigines of Australia for thousands of years. Boost your energy and jump-start your mind with aromatherapy. This synergistic blend of: Peppermint, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary essential oil scents refresh and revive you.  Perfect if you find yourself feeling drained and want to restore your focus and connect to higher energy both for protection and a higher lightness of being.
Full Moon Oil 1/2 oz Essential Oil Blend Dragon's Blood Oil - Magickal Oil - Conjure Hoodoo Oil 1/2 oz bottle
Eye of Horus has created a vibrant blend of essential oils to invoke the Mysteries and to use as a blessing for completed ventures. A perfect blend for initiation, meditation or any work of intention or magick which draws on the energies of the full moon. The planet for Dragon's Blood is Mars. Dragon's Blood Oil adds strength and power to magick and spells, aids in protection, adds potency to mojo bags, candles, amulets.