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Balm of Gilead Buds for Love and Reconciliation magic, hoodoo, conjure ritual. Astrological correspondence Libra & Taurus Love's Enchantment Votive Candle with Jasmine Essential Blend Bloodroot or Red Root improves relations with in-laws and family, blood relations, also to turn back a hex
Use for Love and Reconciliation, to heal a broken heart, stop gossip and repair friendships. Carry in a sachet, mojo bag or locket. White, for healing, pink or red to attract new love. Protects against evil eye. Crush the buds and blend into an incense with ritual. Turning thoughts into desire whether you are a long-married couple or a new love interest, ignite an electric attraction between you, creating a passionate experience. Enchant each other by awakening the sensuality hidden deep within and fill each other with the gifts of admiration and desire. Bloodroot is known as the Guardian for the Family. Helps relations where respect and consideration is lacking. Good for general luck in family and in-law matters or where there are blood ties. Hex Reversal and marriage protector. Carry as part of a evil eye protection mojo bag.
Tourmaline Quartz Tumbled Stone Magical Adept Member Patch - Witches Union 2.75" Sew on Patch Anxiety Relief Essential Oil Blend - 9mL | Aromatherapy Synergy Oils at
Magical Adept Member Patch - Witches Union 2.75" Sew on Patch
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Tourmalinated Quartz is a clear or smoky quartz with tourmaline inclusions. It enhances psychic abilities, replaces feeling overwhelmed with joy. Brings balance and inner strength. It is regarded as a symbol of great fortune when great luck is needed. Witches Union members know that when witches come together, magic is afoot and anything is possible!  This is the Witches Union Spell Caster Club Patch. The motto around the center shield on the patch says: Don't Start None, Won't Be None. From Adversity Comes Strength. Let go of anxious thoughts and release stressful feelings with aromatherapy. This precise synergistic blend of: Chamomile, Geranium, Lavender, Mandarin, Patchouli and Majoram essential oils is helps bring you back into balance.
Love Oil - Conjure Hoodoo Oil 1/2 oz bottle
Use Love Oil to boost love, romance, and passion. It can be used to anoint candles, herbs, mojo bags, and yourself.