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Ancestor Power Votive Candle w/ Peppermint Wildcrafted Damiana Leaf pack, magical herb for love, passion and to enhance psychic awareness. Hoodoo, Conjure, Spell Herb Bay Laurel Leaves - Whole Organic Laurus Nobilis
Ancestor Power Votive is a white candle infused with a peppermint musk blend. Strengthen the connection to your Spirit Guides and their voices of wisdom and guidance to be heard in your life. The innocence and trust of your childhood allowed communication with Spirit Guides and ancestors who guided and protected you in learning life’s lessons. Each votive burns for 10 hours.
Use in sachets and mojo, charm or spell bags to draw a new lover, to intensify sexual passion, or to bring back a lover who has gone astray. Damiana Leaf increases magical energy and power when used with any other herb. It also is used in divination, including use in dream magic and in clairvoyance. Bay Laurel Leaves are said to clear crossed conditions, Ward off Evil, and hold blessings and prayers. Used as a smudge. Used as a blessing in the Despacho Ceremony of the Q'ero in North America. Aids in Healing Ceremonies and to increase Psychic Awareness.
Witches Union Divine Guidance. 2" diameter embroidered patch Cedarwood Essential Oil - Cedarus deodora - 10mL | Aromatherapy Oils at Lavender Essential Oil - Lavandula dentata - 10mL | Aromatherapy Oils at
Divine Guidance Patch - Witches Union 2" Sew on Patch
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Tune into your guides, spirit, deity and make each step on your journey sparkle with magick. This embroidered sew on patch depicts the compass that guides you on your journey. Cedarwood Essential Oil - 100% pure steam distilled essential oil for aromatherapy. Also called Tibetan Cedarwood. The ancient Egyptians and Hebrews used this wood extensively. Among Hindus it is considered a divine tree, particularly in Kashmir and Punjab villages. The Sanskrit name Devadaru basically means divine wood. Good for Spirituality and soul balance.
Lavender True Essential Oil - 100% pure steam distilled essential oil for aromatherapy.  It was historically used by the Greeks and Romans to perfume bath water, and as an incense to the Deities. Our oil has an amazing floral scent. Consider lavender for help in acquiring magickal skills, especially Hermetic magic. In some magickal traditions, this scent is combined with rosemary  to make a calming perfume that helps one acquire wisdom.
Myrrh Essential Oil - Commiphora myrrha - 10mL | Aromatherapy Oils at Reiki Spray - 2 oz - Essential Oil Blend in a Vegan Spray Base - Conjure Hoodoo Spray Anointing Oil 1/2 oz.
Myrrh True Essential Oil - 100% pure steam distilled essential oil for aromatherapy.  Recorded use of Myrrh goes back over 4,000 years.It is a key ingredient in the ancient Egyptian Kyphi temple incense, and the ancient Greek perfume, Megaleion. Myrrh was also used in Egyptian funerary and embalming rites. It was also the incense of choice for the noonday worship of Re in the temple at Heliopolis, so it is often thought of as a Sun scent. Bring the blessings of Reiki Energy Healing to your home or practice with this Reiki Master Designed blend. Whether you are a practitioner, or just energetically inclined, clear blocks and negativity from your energy body. Reiki Blessed Essential Blend in a vegan spray base. Blended in accordance with the lunar cycles and blessed for ritual use, this oil is designed to prepare you, your tools, and your space for any kind of spiritual work. This rich and vibrant oil helps purify and bless and is perfect for preparing to enter into ceremonial work. It is also designed to be skin friendly!
Spiritual Cleansing Blessed Herbal Candle Frankincense Essential Oil - Boswellia serrata - 10mL | Aromatherapy Oils at Bindrune for Courage
Stand in the flow of cleansing and healing energies and feel your spirit washed and purified. Great when used monthly to keep the mind and spirit clear, or any time you feel a build up of "junk." Frankincense Essential Oil - 100% pure steam distilled essential oil for aromatherapy. The scent of Frankincense is stimulating, helps in overcoming stress and despair, elevating the mind, and is also believed to encourage a meditative state, bringing balance and peace to individuals. Combines Feoh (wealth), Ing (transformation), Yr/Ur (life force, strengh), and Ger/Jera (year's cycle & evolution) to create an immensely powerful Bindrune for Courage.