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Sodalite Tumbled Stones Citrine Tumbled Stones Tumbled Moss Agate Stone
Moss Agate
Tumbled Stone $1.95
Sodalite is an excellent stone for developing intuitive abilities, seeing things clearly, and discovering where we our on our personal journeys. Pick one up today! Citrine is an excellent stone for banishing dark thought and bringing in sunshine and optimism. It also helps manifest our dreams by bringing our mental energy and will together as one. Pick one up today! Moss Agate brings stability, persistence grounding, and confidence. It is associated with the elements of earth and with the root and heart chakras. It grounds and balances the physical and emotional body; magnifies intention during meditation; and nurtures patience, inner calm, and determination.
Howlite Stone Snowflake obsidian, tumbled. Tumbled Mahogany Obsidian
Mahogany Obsidian
Tumbled Stone $2.00
Calms communication, enhances awareness, and facilitates expressing emotions. It supports attaining goals by helping eliminate stumbling blocks. Stumulates spirituality, subtley & tact: reduces stress, pain and rage. Improves dream-recall & encourages lucid dreaming. Stones Heals feelings of unworthiness and releases self-limiting patterns. Protects against jealous or controlling energies as well as against psychic attack. Clears away fears & attitudes of scarcity that may block creativity & success in life. 1st and 2nd chakral stimulation.
Tiger Eye Tumbled Stones range from nickel to quarter-sized BloodStone Tumbled Stones range from nickel to quarter-sized Tourmaline Quartz Tumbled Stone
Tiger Eye is an excellent stone for helping to achieve balance in any way, and it can help to encourage harmony in ourselves and our relationships with others. Pick one up today! As a result of being related to the blood and heart, bloodstone has many associated metaphysical properties which can be used as part of your ritual or spiritual practice. Bloodstone was used by ancient Babylonians for Divination. Pick one up today! Tourmalinated Quartz is a clear or smoky quartz with tourmaline inclusions. It enhances psychic abilities, replaces feeling overwhelmed with joy. Brings balance and inner strength. It is regarded as a symbol of great fortune when great luck is needed.
Angelite Tumbled Stone Black Obsidian Tumbled Stones are Nickel to Quarter sized. Magic Eggs - Translucent Glass Rocks from China
Angelite is said to bring serenity, inner peace, & calm. It dispels fear & anger & encourages forgiveness. It enhances telepathy, psychic awareness, astral travel, as well as spirit journeys, creates a shield of psychic protection & balances etheric andphysical energies. Angelite aids expression and communication in group settings, relationships, & with spirit guides & angels. Black Obsidian is volcanic glass. Metaphysically, its powerful protection works by reflecting negative energy back to it source. Ruled by the planet pluto, obsidian is often used for scrying. Opalescent glass egg. Sold Singly . . . image shows two to show how they change color and translucence with light sources. Magic eggs are used as a Feng Shui enhancement and are especially beautiful in fountains.
Prehnite Tumbled Stone Lapis Lazuli, tumbled Feng Shui Faceted Swarovski Crystal Ball - Pre-strung on Red Cord
Prehnite is a great stone for shielding and setting boundaries. It strengthens the aura and helps to distinguish the emotions which may be coming from external sources. Prehnite also enhances dreams, meditation, intuition, love, peace, calm and compassion. Stones This small 20mm size is perfect for anywhere you need a rainbow and clear energy. Hang over a desk or workspace to aid in clarity for studying or problem solving.  Perfect for those who work in or share a cubicle.
Celestine or Celestite Druze A Quality Crystal Bible: A Definitive Guide to Crystals Feng Shui Faceted Swarovski Crystal Ball - Pre-strung on Red Cord
Celestite connects to all aspects of the angelic realms. It raises consciousness, brings guidance, emotional protection & ends worry, fear, and anxiety. It brings balance to thought processes & communication & is an excellent tool for astral travel. by Judy Hall

Beautifully illustrated, The Crystal Bible is a comprehensive guide to crystals, their shapes, colors, and applications. It's an indispensable reference for crystal lovers everywhere! Encompassing traditional and contemporary crystal lore, this guide draws on Judy Hall's thirty years' experience in this field.  A Bestseller!
Hang pre-strung faceted crystal balls as a Feng Shui Cure or a roomful of rainbow light. This versatile 30mm size is perfect for small rooms, offices, hallways or anywhere you want to diffuse incoming energy. Highest Quality Swarovski Crystal.
Book of Stones by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian Banded fluorite point
The Book of Stones is a new edition of the best-selling guide to some of Earth’s most beautiful natural objects. Two introductory chapters detail the authors’ theories about how to work with crystals and stones—including the concept of crystal resonance and the scientific observation that living organisms (such as ourselves) are liquid crystalline structures. An illuminating alphabetical journey through the mineral kingdom, stone by stone, follows. Fluorite is known as the genius stone because it helps bring clarity and concentration to your thoughts and calm to making choices, as in a test or to decision making. It's a great stone for empaths to carry/wear to filter external thoughts and feelings.