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Lucky Mojo Ritual Magic Oils: Conjure & Hoodoo Oils 1/2 oz

Dressing Oils, Anointing Oils and Conditioning Oils for ritual, craft and rootwork

Lucky Mojo Road Opener 1/2 oz jarLucky Mojo Authorized Reseller SealLucky Mojo Southern style conjure oils are made the old-fashioned way, with genuine hoodoo roots, herbs, and minerals. They are traditionally used to dress offertory candles, anoint the body, and sprinkle on amulets and mojo hands.

Eye of Horus is an authorized reseller of these magical Lucky Mojo conjure and hoodoo oils. While we can not guarantee that Lucky Mojo magical ritual oils will draw money, luck, or love to you, we can say with confidence that you will be amazed at the difference between these dressing oils and the phony hoodoo oils sold by the large companies. Lucky Mojo anointing oils and conjure oils are the REAL THING, made the way they were made in your grandma's day -- using real botanical ingredients the way they SHOULD be made today.

We sincerely apologize, but at this time we are unable to offer Lucky Mojo products through our website. Please stop into our brick-and-mortar location in Minneapolis to see what we have available.