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Energy Sprays - Sage, and other Essential Oil Sprays
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Van Van Spray - 2 oz - Organic Van Van Essential Oil Blend in a Vegan Spray Base - Conjure Hoodoo Spray Van Van Spray - 2 oz (Vegan)

This Spray is 100% Vegan and includes our Organic Essential Oil blend of Van Van Version of Algiers (New Orleans) classic oil to boost to Love, Luck, Prosperity, Clarity and Protection. Prepared from aromatic Oriental grasses, all-purpose Van Van is the preferred formula for dressing and blessing Amulets and Charms, Mojo Bags etc. Now you can spray and bless your home, office, car and more!

Liquid Smudge in Spray: Sage, Palo Santo & Cedar Sacred Smudge Spray with Organic Sage EO

Smokeless smudge spray is the pure alternative to burning sage. Whether you need to change the energy or just lighten the air, just one spritz and the wonderful aroma of this spray creates a clean and blessed atmosphere. This quick and easy smudge spray uses only a traditional plant blend of Organic Sage, Palo Santo and cedar essential oils for energy cleansing and ritual use.

Florida Water Cologne Florida Water Cologne 7.5oz (Murray & Lanman's)

Florida Water is a refreshing, stimulating floral and citrus scented cologne often used for ritual offering and purification. Just opening a bottle and leaving it in a room is said to purify the air of bad spirits and energies. This 7.5oz bottle is the classic size.

Kananga Water Cologne Kananga Water Cologne 4oz (Murray & Lanman's)

Kananga Water is a cologne based on a foundation of the essential oil of Ylang Ylang (also known as Cananga odorata). The delicate and floral aroma of Kananga Water is appealing and mood lifting.

Love Spray - 2 oz - Five Essential Oil Blend in a Vegan Spray Base - Conjure Hoodoo Spray Love Spray - 2 oz (Vegan)

Complex and Luxurious while not being over-the-top. You can lean into the depths of this subtly sensual blend of five essential oils with amazing aromatic properties of flowers, woody spice and a touch of sweet to create your own magic and love.

Lavender Dreams Spray - 2 oz - Essential Oil Blend in a Vegan Spray Base - Conjure Hoodoo Spray Lavender Dreams Spray - 2 oz (Vegan)

Our Lavender Dreams spray is a mix of lavender, sandalwood, and mugwort, specially formulated to not only help relaxation but to encourage restful sleep and peaceful dreams. This light, fragrant spray can be used to sweeten the air of a room or as a linen spray.

Reiki Spray - 2 oz - Essential Oil Blend in a Vegan Spray Base - Conjure Hoodoo Spray Reiki Spray - 2 oz

Bring the blessings of Reiki Energy Healing to your home or practice with this Reiki Master Designed blend. Whether you are a practitioner, or just energetically inclined, clear blocks and negativity from your energy body. Reiki Blessed Essential Blend in a vegan spray base.

Chinese Wash - 4oz bottle Chinese Wash - 4oz

When it is properly diluted, our Lucky Mojo Brand Chinese Wash is safe to clean most household surfaces. It is made according to the Old Original Formula with genuine Oriental Grasses and Gums.